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Rua Sub Ripas, Coimbra

Statues, Lamego

Rua Sub Ripas, Coimbra

Tarrastal, Cabrera, Gois

Aç, Colmeal,Gois

Coja, Arganil

Washing Place, Cabreira, Gois

Back Lane, Cabreira, Gois

Bread Oven, Tarrastal, Cabreira, Gois



Lane, Cabreira, Gois

Rua Sub Ripas, Coimbra

The Dixo-Sousa Boatyard, Cais de Gaia, Oporto

Living Statue, Oporto

Outside Rail Station, Oporto

Moura Morta, Serra de Montemuro

British Curry Night, Colmeal

Busker, Oporto

Chapel, Gois

Serra de Montemuro , Castro, Daire

Olive Oil Mill, Cabreira

Armando, Armadia's Bar, Cabreira

Bigorne, Serra de Montemuro

Bread Oven, Tarrastal

Portugal from Ryanair

Abandonded Olive Mill, Adelar, Colmeal

Abandonded Olive Mill, Adelar, Colmeal(2)

Olive mill, Cabreira

Olive Oil Mill, Cabreira

Olive Oil Mill, Cabreira (2)

Olive Oil Mill, Cabreira (3)

Buskers, Coimbra

Cabreira, Gois

Ruin, Bigorne, Serra de Montemuro

Serra de Montemuro

Miller-Mendes Mansion, Villa Seca, Tábua

Miller-Mendes Mansion, Villa Seca, Tábua (2)

Miller -Mendes mansion,Vila seca,Tabua

Miller -Mendes mansion,Vila seca,Tabua
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